When you think of credit cards, debt is the first thought that comes to mind, and interest is the second. However, if you use your credit card wisely, there are many perks that you may not be aware of. I’m not kidding. Travel credit cards, in particular, have numerous benefits that can save you money not only on vacation but also in everyday life. Read on to find out how you can save money!

Getting Free Travel

The best way to save money with a travel credit card is to use points to pay for your travel expenses. A large sign-up bonus can even cover the cost of an entire trip! 

Credits for Airline Fee

Airline fee credits are one of the most effective ways to use your credit cards and save money while travelling. These credits typically cover a wide range of travel expenses, from baggage fees before boarding to in-flight wifi. It can also be used to pay for extra food on flights or lounge access while waiting to board. Sign up for a credit card that fits your travel needs.

Insurance for Rental Cars

So many trips begin with picking up your weekly rental car. Automatically covering your rental car insurance is a great way a travel credit card can help you save money. Before renting, always read the fine print on your card to find out where you are covered and how much coverage you have.

Cancellation of a Trip

While you cannot cancel a trip simply because you do not want to go, some credit cards will cover you if you become ill before your trip or if bad weather occurs. Again, always read the fine print, but hotel reservations, show tickets and flight costs are typically reimbursed.

Access to the Lounge

Access to airport lounges around the world is a huge benefit that some credit cards provide. I was excited to use this perk simply to deal with long layovers and constant travel work. I definitely didn’t realise how much money it would save me at first.

To begin with, not having to pay for food or water at airports is a nice easy money saver, and considering how much I travel, it really adds up. The bigger, unanticipated savings is my ability to book any flight. Even super cheap flights with lengthy or overnight layovers. I’m no longer hesitant to book them because I can easily get some shut-eye in a nice lounge with my card.

Fees for International Transactions

The last thing you want to see on vacation is a credit card bill for far more than you anticipated. You probably forgot about the foreign transaction fee in addition to the exchange rate. Most travel credit cards waive this fee, saving you a lot of money while travelling.

Price Changes

If you purchase an expensive item and the price soon drops, your credit card company may refund the difference. Price protection is included with Discover and Citi cards, as well as some Chase cards. The cards make it fairly simple to file a claim and receive a prompt refund, giving you a little more peace of mind when making large purchases.

Automatic Warranties Updated

Automatic coverage via extended warranties is a great perk on some credit cards, similar to price adjustments. Always read the fine print, but skipping the extra warranties and instead saving the money will get you on the plane to your next vacation sooner.

Here are some of the benefits that travel cards provide. Comment down below, which ones you were already aware of.

While you are travelling, so many things need to be taken care of! All you need is your travel card. Don’t know where to begin? Global Travel Express Inc will help you cover all aspects of your trip.