Flying is the quickest way to get around in India, however, it is not the cheapest. It is sometimes questioned for placing an unnecessary burden on the average person’s finances. It has the potential to ruin the budget of your entire tour. Lone travellers on a restricted budget may find it challenging to choose an airline route. Yet, if you want to travel abroad, shorten your journey time, or travel comfortably, you must take a flight. In an emergency, flying is a more convenient form of transportation than any other mode of transportation. 

Flight booking is an art, and you must grasp it if you want to fly on a tight budget. Airlines frequently come up with a variety of exciting reasonably priced discounts and offers for travellers. All you have to know is where to look and how to look. You will read some of the best tips for getting the cheapest flight tickets in this article.

Plan Your Trip Well in Advance

When you book your tickets at the last minute, the charges are certainly high. Planning your dates well in advance gives you a greater chance of getting a comparatively lower price. You will at least save some hundred if not more. Fight tickets do tend to be cheaper when they are just released. 

Be Ready To Adjust To The Dates And Timings

If you have a rigid schedule you may have to book on a certain day and leave, while if you are looking for a cheaper option, check the dates around to find the cheapest day. Or sometimes the cheaper option may take longer, and have more layovers, so all you need to do is adjust to spending less money. The fare prices greatly depend upon the time of the year/week, hence planning your trip according to the deals is a preferable option. Sometimes during festive seasons, there are great discounts and sales. All you need to do is do wait for the festive season. 

Use Incognito Mode

These days, you might have noticed once you check the prices and go back, the fare is increased. Instead, keeping your searches private in this case is far better. Once the fare is increased, you may be influenced to think that it will rise even more, and you end up booking the ticket right away. Don’t get into this trap, just go incognito.

Use Budget Airlines

These days, there are many cheap flights available compared to the options available before. For instance, Indigo is one of the budget airlines in India. For solo travellers, who want to travel fast along with saving money, budget airlines it is!

Use Your Quota Discount Offers

If you are a student wanting to travel, always use your student ID to avail of the discount. Similarly, if you are eligible to avail of the Defence Quota, don’t let these opportunities slip away. These days, special options are available for doctors and nurses, defence, senior citizens, and students. 

Compare Different Search Engines

Not every search engine is the same. Some may have a higher fare than others. You should check different websites to see if one has better pricing than the other. Another better suggestion would be to try every website or app, as they mostly have a first-time offer. Yes, trying this out is worth it! 

Book Your Tickets Mostly On Weekdays

Weekends are always busy, and as demand increases, so does the price. While you are preparing to book your tickets, always keep in mind that weekdays are less busy, so choosing to book during this time may turn out to be beneficial.

Use Your Credit Card 

This is one of the best options. While you shop and spend using your credit card, you can get points. You can book your flight tickets using these points. Yes, you can save quite some money. Some credit cards may also provide air miles in exchange for the amount of money spent. 

Use The Airline’s Own Website

When you book using the other popular apps in the market, the grand total will be much greater than the amount you saw in the beginning. These apps and websites are very smart as they also charge their own service fees. While if you directly book your flight tickets from the airline’s official website, you could still save a few hundred.

Package Holiday

When you buy tickets in bulk, you can get huge offers and discounts. You won’t just get benefits for the tickets but also for your accommodations. 

You have multiple platforms to choose from to book flight tickets. With more options, you may face more risks. For smoothly booking your airline tickets, one of the most trustworthy websites that you can find is Global Travel Express Inc. Here you can plan your entire trip, from the flights to your accommodations.